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Five Things Great Managers Do Every Day

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Five Things Great Managers Do Every Day

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When you hear the term inspirational leader, you may get images of someone who’s achieved considerable success, or is a brilliant strategist able to amass a personal fortune. […]

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Are Millennials Just Gen X With Hipper Clothes?

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Recently, I was asked to provide career advice for a friend of a friend’s daughter. She’s in the first year of her career and trying to figure out […]

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How To Drive Innovation

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Leaders want more innovation in their cultures. To compete, they know they can’t play it safe – which requires employees to take chances and not be afraid to […]

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What You Should Know Before Your Next Performance Review

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A few months ago in a management workshop, I mentioned that most performance reviews are a waste of time. Managers are burdened by them. People rush through filling […]

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Why Leaders Are Poor Communicators

If you were to name the worst leader you’ve encountered, I’ll make a bet that one of your criticisms involves poor communications skills. Communications is intertwined with leadership, […]

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