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How To Get Your Confidence Back

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How To Get Your Confidence Back

Superhero by Jeroen van Oostrom

It happens to everyone eventually – something deeply rattles your confidence. You lose a job, mess up at work, receive tough feedback, or are otherwise set back on […]

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Why You May Be Terrible At Giving Feedback

Action Reaction buttons Stuart Miles

Last year, I wrote about the mistakes that managers commonly make in giving feedback. I discussed how nuanced the process can be as we navigate the amount of […]

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Five Communication Traits That Turn People Off

Fighting woman by Ambro

Some people are hard to like – even if they mean well. We’ve all been in the situation where we can’t connect with someone, and they may even […]

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Four Ways Introverts Can Get Heard in Meetings

If you want more money at work, start by asking for it.

Researchers estimate that between a third to half of us are introverts. You are likely in this group if you enjoy reflection, prefer small groups to crowds, and […]

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Transition Your Role So You Can Move Up


“The final act of a great CEO is having a great transition,” said Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of  Ford Motor Company, speaking about CEO Alan Mulally’s departure from the […]

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