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Four Ways Introverts Can Get Heard in Meetings

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Four Ways Introverts Can Get Heard in Meetings

If you want more money at work, start by asking for it.

Researchers estimate that between a third to half of us are introverts. You are likely in this group if you enjoy reflection, prefer small groups to crowds, and […]

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Transition Your Role So You Can Move Up


“The final act of a great CEO is having a great transition,” said Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of  Ford Motor Company, speaking about CEO Alan Mulally’s departure from the […]

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How To Keep Employees From Jumping Ship

Managers want motivated employees, but it's hard to determine motivation from an interview. Here are some tips to help uncover it.

  Are you happy in your job? It’s a question that gets asked fairly regularly. We take our pursuit of happiness as our right – at home and […]

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Five Things Great Managers Do Every Day

Women talking by stockimages

When you hear the term inspirational leader, you may get images of someone who’s achieved considerable success, or is a brilliant strategist able to amass a personal fortune. […]

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Are Millennials Just Gen X With Hipper Clothes?

Texting woman by Adamr

Recently, I was asked to provide career advice for a friend of a friend’s daughter. She’s in the first year of her career and trying to figure out […]

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