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How to Manage Conflict

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How to Manage Conflict

If you’re a leader, you deal with conflict. It’s inevitable. Effectively managing conflict is imperative to generating trust and maintaining confidence. Leaders who avoid conflict, mishandle it, or stoke […]

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Why Job Interviews are Like Flipping a Coin

Decades of research into the effectiveness of employment interviews has shown one consistent result: we are terrible at conducting them. Our ability to predict success from a typical […]

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Six Ways To Confidently Say “I Don’t Know”

Man shrugging by stockimages

The hardest three words to say aren’t I love you – they’re I don’t know. That’s the opinion of Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt, authors of […]

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Here’s How You Show Too Much Passion at Work

Man screaming by imagerymajestic

Passion should be a good thing. In an article in The Washington Post titled “How Cleaning The Office Coffee Pot Could Help Protect Your Job,” Jena McGregor discusses how […]

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Get The Buy-In You Need

Spark by Stephanie McCabe

In organizations, there’s an ever-present conversation about gaining buy-in. Most of the work in companies is done through influence rather than hierarchy due to corporate team-based structures, requiring […]

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